New Music Friday: What We’re Listening To (September 6, 2019)

Greta Van Fleet – Always There

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship band with this band of brothers. While the music they make is stunningly good despite the obvious comparisons to Led Zeppelin, the narrative that they are the sole saviors of Rock and Roll is simply not true. This latest track from the Movie A Million Little Pieces shows a band maturing before our very ears.

Trigger Hippy – Strung Out On The Pain

Yes folks, the rumors are true. Trigger Hippy has a new record coming out, the drop date is October 11, and we cannot wait. “Strung Out On The Pain” is the third single to be released by this Nashville band that will have you reaching back to dig out your old Poco and Pure Prairie League records.

The Down ‘n’ Outz – Another Man’s War

Joe Elliott, front man for Def Leppard, is a huge fan of Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople. When performing with his side-piece band The Down ‘n’ Outz, they will cover most of the Mott catalog along with selected really cool covers. Here, they are getting ready to release an album of original songs. “Another Man’s War is the second single to be released from their soon to be released record.

Mean Old World – North Mississippi Allstars (feat. Jason Isbell, Duane Betts)

The North Mississippi All Stars get a lot of play in the offices at Rock is the New Roll, and Jason Isbell and Duane Bett’s ramp up the coolness even more on this one. For extra credit check out the new album by the Allman Betts Band, Down to the River

Airbourne – Boneshaker

Much in the same way that the Van Fleet boys evoke Led Zeppelin, the band Airbourne is pure AC/DC. And, since Angus and company won’t be coming out with a record anytime soon, these rock & rollers are a pretty good substitute.

Devendra Barnhart – Taking a Page

The latest single from his forthcoming album, Ma, to be released on September 13th. The song, heavily inspired by Carole King, share a line and melody form “So Far Away.”

New Music Friday (August 2, 2019)

Yola – Shady Grove

The latest video from Yola’s debut record, Walk Through Fire.” A top 20 record for sure.

Starcrawler – Bet My Brains

Starcrawler, one of our favorite over the edge Rock Chick bands are back witba new single and video.

Trigger Hippy – Don’t Wanna Bring You Down

In 2014 Trigger Hippy, a supergroup consisting of Nashville session musicians released a self-titled album that was one of the best of the year. Here they pop up out of nowhere with a scorching new single.

Midland – Cheatin’ Songs

Normally, we would cry fowl on a band that travels the 80’s Country landscape, but for Midland all bets are off. We are all in. Here is their latest Garth Meets George gem.

The Allman Betts Band – Shinin’

Formed by the sons of Gregg Allman and Dickie Betts the Southern Rock torch has Ben duly passed. Close your eyes and you will think it is 1975 all over again.

Demob Happy – Autoportrait

This Psych Rock trio turns up the burners on this one to deliver the headbanger of the week.

Moon City Masters – The Price You Pay

A strong 70’s filter on this one picture Blind Faith jamming on stage with The Allman Brothers and you will pretty much get the idea.

Goodbye June – Universal Mega Love

These guys already have the chops to Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons. A Rock band on the rise look for their new record Community Inn to come out in October.

Elles Bailey – Deeper

A vibrant Blues/Soul singer Elles Bailey could be the younger sister of Beth Hart.

New Music Friday (July 26, 2019)

Crowded Table – The Highwomen

The second release in short order in advance of their September release.

Lodi – Janiva Magness and Sam Outlaw

Outstanding version of the CCR Classic.

Dirty Finger – Texas Hippie Coalition

With this ode to flipping the bird the mighty THC have become our new guilty pleasure band.

Summertime Vibes – Lewis Brice

It’s never too late in the summer to listen to your new summer jam.

Stay High – Brittany Howard

The Alabama Shakes leader goes solo.

Real Long Time – White Reaper

This one is getting a lot of air time at Rock Is The New Roll HQ.

New Music Friday (July 19, 2019)

Midland – Put The Hurt In Me

Gearing up for the release of a new record, these boys do 80’s Country with the best of them. I’m really trying not to like this band, but they are definitely growing on me.

Rodney Crowell and Lyle Lovett – What You Gonna Do Now

We already putting a placeholder for Rodney Crowell and his new album Texas in the top ten of albums of the year, but in the meantime here is another song to be enjoyed.

Jesse Malin – Meet Me At The End Of The World

Jesse Malin, a favorite of Rock Is The New Roll, absolutely never disappoints. Here, he is a bit more upbeat and his Lou Reed vocal delivery seems to go places we have not heard in a while.

Corb Lund and Hayes Carll – On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

A single released in advance of his new record, here he teams up with Hayes Carll to deliver a pretty darn good ‘make it their own’ version of a terrific song. Maybe they’ll get their picture on the cover.

Leon Bridges – That Was Yesterday

The latest from the San Cooke Meets Marvin Gaye Soul Singer.

DeWolff – Share the Ride

One of our favorite Rock and Roll bands du jour, DeWolff brings a template of 70’s rock with a modern flair. Listen closely for a touch of Creedence as well.

New Music Friday: What We’re Listening To: Friday, June 12, 2019

Penelope Isles – Chlorine

From their debut album, shimmery guitars, spacious keyboards and an expansive melody makes this one a fine summer listen.

The Press Club – Thinking About You

With one album under their belts this band is next-level ready if this single that will remind you of The Killers is any indication.

Bedouine – Sunshine Sometimes

There is more than a little Carole King in Azniv Korkejian, a singer from Saudi Arabia who records as Bedouine. Her album Birdsongs Of A Killjoy is simply stunning. This song marries 60’s folk with 70’s Laurel Canyon splendor.

Purple Mountains – All My Happiness is Gone

After an eleven year absence David Berman of The Silver Jews is back with new band. This one is his first song in advance of their upcoming album.

The 40 Acre Mule – I’ll Be Round

A killer bass line, Santana worthy congas and an infectious blue-eyed soul groove. Say no more and listen.

Lucy Spraggan – Last Night (Beer Fear)

Today Was A Good Day, her latest record, is definitely worth a listen, but this ear worm of a song from a few years back will bore it’s way into your brain with no hope of escaping.

Mark Mulcahy – Taking Baby Steps

Any friend of Thom Yorke and Michael Stipe is a friend of ours. This song is a splendor of a listen. Bowie meets R.E.M..

New Music Friday (June 28, 2019)

It has been a been a bit too long since we have gone down the Rock and Roll rabbit hole in search of songs and bands that act like any year after 1989 never existed. Sure Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons and The Struts are fine Rock and Roll bands in the grand old school tradition, but there are a lot more bands than that that deserve some of your ear time. Here are a few we are listening to right now.

Turbonegro – Special Education

These cats from Oslo, Norway went on hiatus for a bit in the late 80’s but thankfully for their legions of fans the band reappeared in 2007 and have been hanging and banging ever since. With a sound that floats somewhere between The New York Dolls and Judas Priest their songs feature more hooks than an episode of The Greatest Catch.

Massive Wagons – Tokyo

With recent tours opening for The Wildhearts it is still head scratching that on the strength of their latest record Full Nelson this band has not yet become the next big thing to save Rock and Roll.

The Bad Somethings – Let It Roll

Any song that kicks things off with a cowbell pretty much has us at hello. Alive era Kiss is the template for this band with just an ever so slight scent of Bachman Turner Overdrive wafting in the year. Good stuff.

Giuda – Overdrive

If the Bay City Rollers were cool they would sound like these Italian retro-rockers. One of the view bands that are bringing back the Glam with hints of Slade, Sweet and small slice of The Knack thrown in for good measure.

Ex Hex – Tough Enough

A girl super group of sorts featuring Mary Timony, Betsy Wright, and Laura Harris this band ramps it up with wild riffs, cool vocal harmonies, and heaps of power chords.

Bishop Gunn – Anything You Want

Word on the streets is that Bishop Gunn is right now in the studio working on the follow-up to their highly excellent 2018 release Natchez, and it can’t come too soon. The Black Crowes by way of Blackberry smoke make this one a smooth down home listen in the Lynyrd Skynyrd mold.

Helen Rose – John Coltrane on the Jukebox

Part Blues, Part Country Soul Helen Rose is a bit of a Genre Bender. This one is from her 2018 release Trouble Holding Back.

John Diva & the Rockets of Love – Dance Dirty

There is something entirely refreshing about a band that totally embraces their influences with no shame in their game whatsoever.  In this case it is all Def Leppard most of the time and that is never a bad thing.




New Music Friday (June 7, 2019)

The music for this week is pretty ridiculous, mostly in a good way. Here are the newest nuggets we are listening to this week.

Hollywood Vampires – Heroes

Johnny Depp grabs the microphone as The Vampires release another song from their upcoming album. This one, a spot on cover of the David Bowie song, should be superb listening live and in concert.

Tanya Tucker – The Wheels of Laredo

Tanya Tucker, the female country music OG, has released her first new song in 17 years. Produced and written by Brandi Carlisle and Shooter Jennings, her new record should be terrific. Without Tanya there would be no Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, or dare I say it, Nikki Lane.

Chris Stapleton – The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy

It’s good to be Chris Stapleton these days. Here he is between albums killing the this ode to Woody in the new Toy Story 4.

Ida Mae – Reaching

A little dark, a bit moody and on the Delta Blues side, the new Ida Mae record, Chasing Lights, could be featured on the new season of True Detective.

Mark Lanegan – Playing Nero

Walking down the same dimly lit streets as Scott Walker, here, Mark Lanegan once again shows he can do Nick Cave almost as well as the original.

Noel Gallaghers’s High Flying Birds – Rattling Rose

Don’t look for any Oasis scraps to be laid down on this one. Noel has been there, done that. His upcoming E.P. is a bit of a disco dusted affair, and deliberately so. Don’t worry if this song is any indication it should be a lot of fun.

Jesse Malin – Room 13

Always big fans of anything Jessie Malin puts out, his upcoming record, Sunset Kids, is set up to be top 10 worthy. His latest song from the set to be released in August features the always sublime Lucinda Williams.

Glorious Sons – Panic Attack

This new single from the upcoming album shows signs that a couple of albums in The Glorious Sons are turning into a fully formed high-spirited Rock and Roll band right before our very ears.

Sheryl Crow – Prove You Wrong

No real new musical ground broken here, but anytime Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, and Maren Morris collabo on a project it is worth a look and a listen.