Best Albums of 2019: Tiny Ruins – Olympic Girls

Tiny Ruins is a band out of Aukland, New Zealand that Hollie Fullbrook put together to release her solo material. Described as the sonic equivalent of dancing around the moon, Tiny Ruins is a beautifully understated gem.

With a voice that is warm and textured at the same time, one can close their eyes and open their ears to hear a bit of Joni Mitchell in Fullbrook’s gentle vocal delivery, particularly so on the song “Bounty.”

The title track, “Olympic Girls,” has a more pastoral feel to it and would not have been too far out of place on a back in the day Pentangle album.

The song “Holograms” (Fleetwood Mac on acid) evokes a tinge of Carole King in it’s DNA, seems to be the centerpiece of the record.

Every song on this record seems richer and more expansive than the last. This is an album that demands a sit down and let this one wash over you sort of listening experience with multiple sessions yielding layers upon layers of musical morsels to delicately digest.