Song of the Day: Oceanator – A Crack in the World

Oceanator is Brooklyn based Elsie Okusami. In this track from her upcoming record to be released in August, she sums up the current state of affairs quite adeptly. “There’s a crack in the world/And we’re all hanging on, hanging on trying not to fall through the void/Sometimes there’s only so much you can do.”


Song of the Day: The Lickerish Quartet – Lighthouse Spaceship

The S.F. Glam-Psych band Jellyfish crashed and burned after two highly excellent albums, Bellybutton, and Spilt Milk. Now, three members of the band, Eric Dover, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and Tim Smith have reunited to form The Lickerish Quartet. Her, the first single from their upcoming record, we are treated to elements of the original band along with an Essence of Queen, ELO, and Cheap Trick.

Song of the Day: The Dead Daisies – Unspoken

With the addition of iconic singer and bass player Glen Hughes, the Dead Daisies might finally be on to something.  This stellar group along with Hughes includes Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo, and David Lowy. The Rock and Roll band pedigree that includes Whitesnake, Journey, Deep Purple, and Dio, is second to none. If you like ’70s era rock in the mold of Bad Company, Foreigner, and Aerosmith, you will love the new incarnation of the Dead Daisies.