Live Video of the Day -Rod Stewart (feat. Michael Buble) – It’s a Heartache

Rod Stewart jumps all over and completely owns this live version of the tune made famous by Bonnie Tyler. Michael Buble, adding his vocals toward the end of this live version from the studios of Britain’s BBC-2, turns this video from cool to spectacular.

Live Video of the Day: Ocean Color Scheme – You’ve Got It Bad

One of the hottest new bands coming out of Denny, Scotland is The Ocean Color Scene cover band, Ocean Color Scheme. Helmed by dynamic front man David Bateman who looks like Davy Jones, sings like a cross between Freddy Mercury and Paul Weller, and commands the stage like Mick Jagger, this band is ready to hit the big time.

Live Video of the Day: The Lemon Twigs – The Fire (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

We still don’t quite know how to wrap our ears around this band. They look glam, but aren’t quite. They dress retro 70’s Rock, but sound pretty Indie. They definitely have a swagger about them. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Lemon Twigs.