Video of the Day: Hot Country Knights – Pick Her Up

The Hot Country Knights have one stated mission and that is to bring 90’s Country back to the mainstream. Why you ask? We have no idea. But, if lead singer Douglas Douglason and Keytar player Terry Dvoraczekynski have anything to say about things these guys will be here to stay. The jury is still out as to whether these guys just have their collective tongues planted firmly in their cheeks or if they are the countrified version of Steel Panther. Only time will tell. Here, the guys play the role for all its worth with 90’s Country legend Travis Tritt.

Video of the Day: William Michael Morgan – Whiskey Kinda Night

The next wave of Country music to come back in style is the 80’s tear in your beer Classic Country in the King George Strait style. And, frankly, we here at Rock is the New Roll Roll say “bring it on cowboy.” This one is from a newcomer to the scene, William Michael Morgan

Live Video of the Day: Midland – Cheatin’ Songs (Live From The Palomino)

We are trying really hard NOT to like this Dripping Springs, Texas band. With their Nudie style outfits and Cosmic Cowboy embracing 70’s Glen Campbell vibe that takes us back in a Honky Tonk time machine, it is almost as if they are trying too hard to be cool. But heck, we don’t care anymore. It is official, we dig this band!

Live Video of the Day: Mike and the Moonpies – Might Be Wrong (Live On The Texas Music Scene))

Mike and the Moonpies along with Micky and the Motorcars are two of the best Country acts working the Honky Tonk scene today. They both are great live acts with dirt country Roots Rock sensibilities along with solid songwriting.