Best Songs of 2020: Roger Harvey – Burn One With John Prine

Technically released as a single in 2019, this one will get a 2020 nod since it will be included on his record to be released somewhere in the first quarter. “Burn One with John” was one of the first songs that Kacey Musgraves wrote after arriving in Nashville. Since Prine doesn’t smoke, at least now anyway, the song takes on a bit of a different meaning than you would expect.

Best Songs of 2020: Brandy Clark – Who You Thought I Was

Brandy Clark has spent much of the past decade writing songs for other people including “Mama’s Broken Heart” for Miranda Lambert and the number one single “Better Dig Two” with The Band Perry. Now, she comes out from behind the quill and goes 80’s ladies with “Who You Thought I Was,” A love song that embodies the theory that everyone is where they are supposed to be. For some, it just takes a little more time.