John Prine: The Tree of Forgiveness

In this short film, Prine spends a typical afternoon driving around Nashville while talking about his journey from midwestern mailman to career songwriter. He plays an emotional version of “Summer’s End,” from The Tree of Forgiveness, his first album in 13 years, while fans including Dan Auerbach, Rosanne Cash and Todd Snider share their favorite Prine lyrics.

Video of the Day: John Prine – Knockin’ On Your Screen Door

For his latest record, The Tree of Forgiveness, John Prine locked himself in a room at the Omni hotel in Nashville with dozens of notebooks, scraps of paper, and other bits and pieces of songs he had laying around the house and completed the tunes that ended up to be on the album. The result was a tremendous album with songwriting on par with his best work. The video shows John hanging out with some musician friends as he bounces around Nashville having fun just being John Prine.