Best Albums of 2019: The Limboos – Baia

The Limboos – Baia (Rating 5 out of 5)


The Limboos are pretty much the very definition of a genre defying band. A bit soul, retro in all the coolest of ways fusing together Soul, Rumba, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and a bunch of others we are probably skipping. On songs like “Till The End Of Town” you would bet your last dollar this was a Stax single from the 60’s.

When the sax kicks in on “Where Did She Go,” the first single from the album, there is a sense that you should be in some sort of Jetsons hipster go-go bar. The vocals are front and center and the production value is first rate with no single instrument overpowering another. And yes, they have a female drummer, as if they needed anything else to add to their coolness.

“Big Shot” the second single to be released as well as the opening track, sticks the groove and never let’s up. Swinging organ, silky sax, hip vocals all are the order of the day. This one is a timeless classic


Operating out of Madrid, most of the media about the band is in Spanish, which is somewhat perplexing since all of the songs are in English. There is not a bad tune to be had on this record. It is a great party record with ebbs and flows that make it a textured masterpiece.