Friday Night Fever: Five Songs To Rock Your Friday Night World


Tequila Mockingbyrd – I Smell Rock and Roll

And yes, they certainly do. If Joan Jett fronted Guns ‘N’ Roses the resulting take no prisoners band would sound more than a little like this.

The Dust Coda – Rock N Roll

One of the hippest Rock and Roll bands we have run across in an awfully long time, these London blokes are certainly carrying the torch for the next wave of rock and rollers. Led Zeppelin with a touch of AC/DC is the order of the day.

The Texas Flood – Gambling Man

More Molly Hatchett than Stevie Ray Vaughan, this Dallas based band started out as an SRV tribute band and evolved themselves into a stomping blues-rock band in their own right.

Dangereens – Streets of Doom

If you’re into an all-boozing,  party till you drop, rock and roll band like you used to dig back in the day, then Dangereens is your jam. These Canadian punkers are high octane with enough sleaze and debauchery to make Motley Crue blush. If the Stones and New York Dolls somehow mind-melded, the result would be Dangereens.

The Speedways – This Ain’t A Radio Sound

With a self-glossed sound of Ronettes Punk blending elements of Tom Petty, Phil Spector, and Exploding Hearts these Power Pop kings are your next perfect party band.



Friday Night Fever – Five Songs To Rock Your Friday Night World


A new feature in Rock is the new Roll. Five groovy singles to rock your Friday Night World.

The Amplifier Heads – Rave Up

A blast of Rock and roll energy that would play perfectly well at CBGB’s.

Small Town Titans – Rufflin’ Feathers

This power trio from York, Pa draw their inspiration from present-day rockers Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, and Deep Purple. Listen to their earth scorching new single “Rufflin’ Feathers.”

Larkin Poe – Fly Away

Larkin Poe, distant relatives to Edgar Alan Poe put heir own blues stomp signature on the classic Lenny Kravitz single.

When Rivers Meet – Battleground

This old-school blues-rock duo consisting of husband and wife team Grace and Aaron Bond is a thumping combination of John Lee Hooker and The White Stripes if Meg did the singing instead of Jack that is. Heady stuff, indeed.

Mason Hill – Against The Wall

This band of Scottish twenty-somethings seems to be in it to win it. Scorching guitars, gang vocals, these boys are right around the corner from hitting the big time.