Album of the Day: Tremendous – Relentless

Tremendous – Relentless (4 out of 5)

One of the best Glam Rock debut records to come out in quite some time, at least since the Struts’ Everybody Wants when Luke Spiller first hit our ear-waves, and this one is destined to be a keeper. The album pulls no punches in introducing you to the band opening-up with a three-song salvo of their previously released singles, Wondermints all of them with “Don’t Leave Our “Love (Open For Closing),” “Like Dreamers Do,” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Satellite” all having you at hello.

Sort of combining the more bombastic sound of The Strokes with the coolest elements of ’70s Suzi Quattro Glam, every song is well crafted, hooks-aplenty, and with a surprise around every turn song after song. The real beauty of this Glamtastic record is that it combines the gritty Pop-Glam sounds of contemporary bands in the mode of The Killers while all the while keeping their cosmic boots firmly entrenched on the Mott the Hoople, T Rex, and David Bowie Party train.

This is not your grandfather’s Bay City Rollers Glam. We have already got this one on our the shortlist for Rock and Roll album of the year.




Video of the Day: Fire Action – Hot Blooded Woman

Known for their bombastic choruses and 80’s hair-band stylings, Finnish Sleaze Rockers Fire Action is definitely a guilty pleasure worth satisfying. Their promotional material for 2020 calls for genuine ’80s style storyline music videos with hot chicks and dangerous curves. This is only a beginning…


Video of the Day: Royal Republic – Fireman and Dancer

The band members of Royal Republic don’t believe in guilty pleasures, only pleasures, free of compromise. “Fireman and Dancer” is full of monster hooks, catchy riffs and a killer mid-song sax solo. Part Glam, Part disco, all fun, their new record Club Majesty has it all, and then some.