Best Albums of 2019: John Diva and the Rockets of Love – Mama Said Rock is Dead

Just look at these guys and you can tell what their full throttle M.O. is. Unabashed devotees of Sunset Strip Glam and Sleaze Rock they are all about booze, broads, and Rock and Roll.

The sound is is an intoxicating mix of the bands you loved when you had hair. “Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead” is a Hybrid of Bon Jovi and the Def Leppard era when the drummer had two arms, and “Lolita” could be the love child of Poison and Motley Crue.

Smooth riffs, anthemic choruses, sweet guitar solos, these guys bring back a bygone era before mortgages, kids, wives and divorces sucked up all of your disposable income. Steel Panther, beware. The new kings of The Sunset Strip are coming after your throne.

Video of the Day: Crazy Lixx – Wild Child

This Swedish Hair Metal Rock Band, yes they do exist in 2019, carries the Rock and Roll torch with pride. One of the last standing bands of the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and that is half the fun. With a band name this cool, they have to be Rock and Roll. And, they most definitely are.