Video of the Day: Foxy Shazam – Tragic Thrill

If you are wondering what happened to Foxy Shazam, after their break though album, The Church of Rock & Roll, they broke with their major label and were on a forced hiatus and eventually disbanded in 2014. RIP Foxy Shazam, come back soon.

See the message from the band on their web site October, 2014:

After more than ten years of our lives completely revolving around Foxy Shazam, it is time to disband for an unknown amount of time. Performing more than two thousand shows together around the world has been life changing, but also has kept us from spending time with our families and pursuing our own passions and ways to grow individually as artists.
It has been an honor sharing ourselves and our music with all of you. Thank you to all of our fans, family, and friends that have supported us through everything to make this previous decade the best times of our lives.
We truly believe there is a future for Foxy Shazam, that our best art is yet to come. We don’t know how long this will take but we plan on someday returning more powerful than ever.

Foxy Shazam


Video of the Day: Foxy Shazam – Holy Touch

The band Foxy Shazam is actually from Cincinnati, Ohio but you would never know it. Based on the amount of coolness in this band they should be from Los Angeles, or even San Francisco. Sort of a wicked hybrid of Queen and The Darkness meets Slade. “Holy Touch” is from The Church of Rock and Roll, a few albums back, but no less groovy.