Live Video of the Day: Michael Kiwanuka – Lean On Me (Jools Annual Hootenany)

Michael Kiwanuka is one of the most underrated artists in the business today. His album Kiwanuka released in 2019 is one of the best records to be released in the last five years released, and his debut back in 202 was stellar as well. Here, he scorches the earth with his tribute to Bill Withers.

Live Video of the Day: Tom Jones and Jools Holland – Whispering Grass (Later…With Jools Holland)

Sure he’s lost just a bit off of his vocal fastball, but heck, it’s 2021, and who among us hasn’t. Here Sir Tom entertains on the New Year’s Eve episode of Later…With Jools Holland.

Live Video of the Day: Ronnie Wood With His Wild Five (feat. Imelda May) – Johnny B. Goode (Later…With Jools Holland)

Ronnie Wood rips up this version of Johnny B. Good with able assistance from Imelda May. Check out his latest release with The Wild Five on his new record, Mad Lad: A Live Tribute to Chuck Berry.