Five Cool Ones: Five Cool Albums That Should Have Been On Our Year End List

As happens after year, after a bit of reflection, there end up to be a lot of worthy, highly listenable records that somehow miss our top album list. This year Paul Simon, Soccer Mommy, The Tuneyards, Belle and Sebastian all could have made our list. Here are five notal records that probably should have made the cut.

Gruff Rhys – Babelsberg

The Super Furry Animals front man jumps out front and center with his first record in four years. A timeless beauty that features a 72 piece orchestra, these are all great tunes that would have fit quite nicely on your 80’s playlist right alongside Yes and The Alan Parsons Project.

Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Somewhat a deliberate omission, that decison is beginning to feel very regreatable after a couple of post New Year spins of this one. The vibe is very different from your standard Monkey’s fare, Bowie goes to the moon. Pure dancing on the ceiling bliss.

Shame – Songs of Praise

One heck of a live band, London Post Punk rockers Shame deliver an arena-ready set of tracks that will set your hair on fire. Enter at your own risk.

Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt

We should have known this one was going to be a cracker, all of his records are great. “Let’s Dance” and “The Morning After” are melodic stunners with a definite Brian Wilson influence.

Tracyanne & Danny – Tracyanne & Danny

Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Cambell returns with a set of sweet sounding pop nuggets with partner Danny Coughlan. Full of lush strings and 60’s Nancy and Lee vibes, this one is a gently euphoric listen.



Best Albums of 2018: Foxwarren – Foxwarren

11298 [Converted]One of the best debut albums of the year, Foxwarren, a band of childhood friends now living in various provinces around Canada, have a loose casual sound that is part Indie Rock and part Psychedelic. There is a smoothness throughout the record that allows Andy Shauf and his bandmates space for the music to breath. “To Be” is a pastoral beauty, and “Everything Apart” is a great driving tune.

Video of the Day: Bat Fangs – Rock The Reaper

Bat Fangs is a spin-off band rising from the ashes of Ex Hex while Ex Hex sprung from the loins of Wild Flag and Wild Flag was a Sleater-Kinney spin-off band. If you can absorb all that, now just sit back and enjoy this female empowered hair metal throw-back band that takes influences from Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and The Bangles into one heck of a fun listen.