Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Reasons Rock Is Not Dead.

5Snakewater – Girl Like You

Dirty blues from Manchester England. There is a touch of Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Peter Green and Gary Moore in their sound.

Lee Aaron – I’m A Woman

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Queen Lee Aaron absolutely kills this Koko Taylor classic. “Shake hands with the devil, make him crawl in the sand.” Indeed.

The Bad Somethings – Let It Roll

Just about every 70’s and early 80’s is represented here, and it is awesome. Cheap Trick, Kiss, Bachman Turner Overdive, check, and check. Need more proof? “Let It Roll” is an oscure hit from the obscure 70’s Rock and Glam band Albatross. And oh yeah, lots of cowbell.

RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson, & Ross) – She Painted The Moon

Don’t sleep on these guys simply because they are miss cast often times in the AOR (Alum Oriented Rock) category. They rock with the best of them.

The Rumjacks – Cold London Rain

Enter into this carefully, these guys might become your next favorite party band if you are not careful. Full of Celtic, Folk, and Punk Rock swagger these guys stand pint for pint with The Dropkick Murphy’s.