Cover Song of the Day: Deep Purple – Oh Well

Still rocking after all these years, the latest Deep Purple record, Turning to Crime, scorches the earth with stone-cold classics including “7 and 7 Is,” Shapes of Things,” and the ever-popular “Oh Well,” covering the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac classic like it was born yesterday.

Cover Song of the Day: Blues Pills – Wild Horses

A perfect song for this Blues Rock to make their own while spending the pandemic downtown lamenting the fact that that can’t tour behind their latest full album release.

The song mas made for singer Elin Larsson to sing as she wraps her back of the barroom pipes around the song with the force of a tropical storm.



Cover Song of the Day: Luke Spiller & Jesse Hughes – Stuck In The Middle With You (Jam in the Van)

When two of your favorite artists throw down a collaboration on one of your favorite YouTube shows and cover one of your favorite songs the results should be epically cool. And they are.