Video of the Day: Low Cut Connie – Stay as Long As You Like

Here at Rock is the New Roll we are big fans of Low Cut Connie. Normally this merry band of Philadelphia pranksters cranks out utter mayhem with their over the top bombastic blend of cabaret-style  Rock and Roll. Here frontman ivory tickler Adam Weiner takes things down low and slow, and we really like it.

Video of the Day: Sweet Spirit – No Dancing

Sweet Spirit is one of our favorite new bands. And yes, I know we say that a lot. But, we really mean it this time. This Austin based band that features eclectic Pop and Soul driven by frontwoman Sabrina Ellis and company have delivered a next level record with their latest, Trinidad.

Video of the Day: Rattlesnake Milk – Bankrobber

These guys are from the plains of Texas, and that sounds about right based on their sound. Down and dirty Texas dirt Rock and Soul drenched all over this single and entire album recently self-titled release. Come for the cool band name, stay for the great music.

Video of the Day: Joyous Wolf – Odyssey

Roadrunner, the new ready to be released album from Joyous Wolf is yet another excellent record to have a delayed release this year. But fear not, we get to sample an appetizer with the release of the single and video of “Odyssey.” This album just might be on our list of Rock albums of the year.