Video of the Day: Testarossa – Rock -N- Roll

Testarossa might just be your next favorite Rock and Roll band. Hailing from Charlotte, N.C., this band of hard charging Rock and Roll gypsies are in it to win it. “Rock – N – Roll” grabs your ears from the opening cowbell and demands that you grab your bottle of Jack Daniels and head to the stage. If Spike from The Quireboys fronted The Georgia Satellites this is what that band would sound like. The future should be bright for these guys.

Best Albums of 2019: The New Roses – Nothing But Wild

This one might be the Rock and Roll record of the year. And, if this were thirty years ago most of the songs on this scorcher of a record would be in the top 10 with a bullet. “The Bullet” would have made a perfect Night Ranger ballad, “Can’t Stop Rock and Roll” sounds a bit like Bon Jovi on steroids.

The choruses are huge, the hooks are everywhere and with songs that extoll the virtues of a six pack and a radio down by the river you won’t even need throwback Thursday to bring back the good old days.

Part Def Leppard part Brian Adams, if you are of a certain age this album would have been the soundtrack of your 20’s. As it is, let this be the soundtrack of a waning summer.