Video of the Day: The Dead Daisies – Mexico

The Dead Daisies are a Rock collective of musicians with a slightly varied line-up every couple of years with David Lowy acting as ring-leader as he brings together available musicians for a new tour and album. As the DNA of the band stays pretty much the same with each version of the band, straight-ahead ’70’s style Rock and Roll is the order of the day, they are always making a great music no matter who is in the band. This song goes back to 2015 with John Corabi on vocals. The band is in the process of putting together an album and tour in 2020 with Glen Hughes on bass and vocals. It should be stellar.

The video for “Mexico” that features strippers and clowns is worth the price of admission alone.

Cover Song of the Day: Dirty Honey – Last Child (Aerosmith Cover)

The band Dirty Honey hasn’t even released a proper full-length record as yet and they are already on our radar as one of the best up and coming bands of the new decade. Here, the band covers the concert staple “Last Child” from the Aerosmith Rocks album.


Video of the Day: Revolution Saints – Price We Pay

What do you get when you mix in a member of Whitesnake, a Night Ranger, and a key member of the redux version of Journey? The answer is, you get Revolution Saints courtesy of Frontier records.

This “Band” is not likely to tour, after all, Jack Blades, Deen Castronovo, and Doug Aldridge all pretty have their day jobs keeping hair metal alive. But, if you like good old fashioned melodic rock, this band, and their new record Rise, just might be your jam.