Sunset Strip Song of the Day: Sandness – Tyger Bite

“Tyger Byte” is the latest song and video from Italian power trio Sandness. There is little nuance in the look of this band or the songs that they play but that is sort of the point. If there is a genre called NWOHB (New Wave of Hair Bands) these guys would be among the torchbearers.

Song of the Day: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Thrash Metal Cassette

Don’t hate on Dinosaur Pile-Up because they recently opened for Shinedown. Hey, a band has to make a living. Actually, these guys are legit. Having formed in Leeds back in 2007 this Indie Rock band has been working at their craft building a catalog of solid songs. “Thrash Metal Cassette”  is the first single to be released from their upcoming album Celebrity Mansions.

Video of the Day: Little Big Town – The Daughters

Little Big Town continues to impress and break themselves out of the cookie cutter modern Country mold. Their new song “The Daughters” details the challenges that young females face every day in living up to expectations that others put on them. This record is a dead-on cinch for  Country Music song of the year. You can bet on it.

Rocking With The New Roll: April 12, 2019

This new feature, Rock With The New Roll, will be a somewhat random, usually spontaneous series of musings on the week in music. Some new, some old, this will be designed to highlight what is capturing our ear-tention.

Winetka Bowling League – Slow Dances

This Los Angeles band with firmly entrenched New York roots delivers music that has hooks for days. Much of their new music was written during a drive back to new york where the California vibe was ultra present all the way to the East Coast.

The song “On the 5” with the line “I want to go back to that summer in San Fran, listening to nothing but Revolver and Pet Sounds,” says all you need to know about this excellent band.

Nick Lowe – Trombone

This new song from Nick Lowe features Lowe’s recent collaborators Los Straightjackets as his backing band and Duane Benjamin on Trombone. The song addresses the handling of the feeling of abandonment after a lost love.

The Magpie Salute – The Killing Moon

Skip the Record Store Day lines and enjoy this first listen of the Magpie Salute’s tribute to Echo and the Bunnymen with their version of “The Killing Moon”

Walker Lukens – Didn’t Wanna Do Right

The latest single to be released in support of his upcoming record, “Didn’t Wanna Do Right” is a spectacular, pristinely produced song that is next-level great from this rising star.

Hayden Thorpe – Love Crimes

With the relatively recent of his band Wild Beasts, Hayden Thorpe is making great use of his time as a gets ready to release his first solo record to be released in the next couple of months.

Video of the Day: The Cadillac Three – Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys

No need to wrestle with the mental imagery here.

“We got ice, check.  We got coolers, check. “We got cases of cold domestic gold just waiting for the sun to set.”

“We got tunes, check. We got girls, check. So come on, have another, we got Sunday to recover and we ain’t started yet.”

Your jam of the summer has just been released.