Five Cool Ones: Five Cool Albums Released This Week (June 14, 2019)

No need to adjust your sets. Just because you woke up to a new release from Bruce Springsteen, an album from Madonna, a retrospective set from Cheryl “Got To Be Real” Lynn, and a live recording from Stan Getz, doesn’t mean you have entered into some sort of Frank Zappa zodiac 80’s mind-warp. No, It just another week in what is shaping up to be a great year in music.

Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

Addressing the elephant in the room first, the new Bruce Springsteen record is out today. And it is good, very good, maybe his best in a decade. The Laurel Canyon vibe is all over this one and some say that the album is sort of an homage to the old Glen Campbell Jimmy Webb pairings from the days of yore. After a couple of listens I can see it. Oh yeah, and did I say this album was good, actually I meant great.

‘Keb ‘Mo – Oklahoma

Kevin Morris, ‘Keb ‘Mo, goes down smooth like a glass of fine scotch or a cigarette after sex. Any record of his should be savored, and Oklahoma, his latest offering, is just that sort of listen.

Jamestown Revival – San Isabel

Every 18 months or so Jamestown Revival will release an album and remind me that I really love this band. Their latest, San Isabel, takes them back to their roots and their Simon and Garfunkel by way of CSN vibe. Their loving tribute to California Dreamin’ is worth the price of admission alone.

Los Coast – Samsura

This Austin based combo is a bit genre defying, and in ‘this case that is a very good thing. Part Soul, part Surf-Rock, a lot Psychedelic, and all Cool. If Jellyfish merged with The Dap Kings the resulting hybrid might sound like these guys.

Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real – Turn Off The News (Build a Garden)

As the son of Willie Nelson and the bandleader for Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, Lukas Nelson is as hot as a firecracker right now. Lukas and his boys have even found the time to release a new record in between concerts as the backing band for Neil Young. With a Traveling Wilburys vibe in places and a widescreen pop dusting in others along with a scent of herbal hippie sensation wafting across the entire proceedings, the experience of listening to this album will be mind altering.

New Music Friday (June 14, 2019)

Ulysses – Bad Tattoo

We haven’t heard from these old school rockers in several years. Based on their latest video nothing has been lost off their fastball and here’s hoping they are setting themselves up to scorch the Rock and Roll earth layer in 2019. And yes, there is cowbell

Laura Jane Grace and The Devouring Mothers – The Hotel Song

One of the more interesting Rock and Roll acts of recent vintage, Laura Jane Grace and her band channel their inner Lou Reed on this one.

Texas Hippie Coalition – Moonshine

Perfect for backyard barbecues, barroom brawls, and Rock festivals. These Southern bad boys are so legit the even have their own genre, Red Dirt Metal. This is the latest video from their recent released magnum opus, High In The Saddle. Enter at your own risk.

The Raconteurs – Bored and Razed

Prepping for their new album release later in the year Jack White and his band mates give us a sneak peak into the Rock and Rollness that is to come.

The Teskey Brothers – Man of the Universe

This Australian four piece band has the Motown sound down and then some. This is the latest video in advance of their new album Run Home Slow to be released on August 2nd.

Avett Brothers – High Steppin’

The Brothers Avett have been a bit dormant lately. It is good to hear them back.

Clutch – Evil

These hard rockers bring down the house with this gnarly version of a Howlin’ Wolf song. This one will make your gonads rumble.