Five Cool Ones: The Bourbon Trail, Five Cool Bourbon Inspired Songs

Here at Rock is the New Roll we are big fans of the Rockin’ The Suburbs Podcast. Their latest episode features Bourbon songs. At the end of the episode they asked for listeners to come up with their own Bourbon song list. So, it seemed like a good time for Bernie Sparrow, Jeremy Wren, Nigel Owl, Cletus Crow and the rest of the Rock is the New Roll editorial staff to get their Bourbon Mojo going.

James LeBlanc – Five Star Dive Bar

A five star dive bar seemed to be a good place to start a Bourbon crawl. So, we powered up the Chevy and headed to the levy looking for some Neon Lights.

The Cadillac Three – All The Makings of a Saturday Night

This one pretty much says it all as we start climbing the party hill.

“Conway, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, Jim Beam Black Label sip sip fast.”

“That spot nobody knows just me and my bros and my special lady friend shaking that ass, we got all the makin’s of a Saturday night.”

John Lee Hooker – Big Legs, Tight Skirt

We are on the third round now, that’s 9 fingers if your scoring at home, and the buzz is starting to kick in as you check out the clientele in the dive bar.

Dale Watson – Call Me Lucky

We are in the dive bar sweet spot now. 12 fingers, four drinks down the pipe now and we are on warp speed. Tensions are released, inhibitions are slowly melting away.

“One on the right, one on the left, one is a blonde, ones a brunette, if you don’t know my name, I bet you can guess, they call me Lucky.”

Tom Waits – The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)

We now have crossed the Cape of Good Hope and are in uncharted territory, so much so that we have lost track of how many Bourbons we have had. Naturally, there is no better time than the present to show off my musical prowess by getting up in front of the crowded bar to tickle the ivories. There are two problems with this however. First, I don’t know how to play the piano, and second, there is no piano in the dive bar. Stay tuned for “Sunday Morning Coming Down.”

New Music Friday (June 13, 2019)

The Who – Ball and Chain

Press for the new record is starting to leak out. Due in November. Pete is still in top form and Roger is along for the ride.

The Dead Amigos – Hold Out

Lots of Garage Blues swagger from this band of Aussies. A gut punch of Blues, Rock, and Soul.

The Cold Stares – Any Way The Wind Blows

These Indiana Rockers play a Garage brand of high energy Rock and Roll.

Grace Potter – Back To Me

Grace is back. After a few years off to start a family, Grace Potter has reinvented herself a bit if this first single is any indication.

The Weeks – Believe Whatever

Their 2017 release, Easy, was one of the best of the year, and their latest, Two Moons, is looking like a top contender in 2019.

Mercury Rev – Louisiana Man (feat. Erika Wennerstorm)

This one sounds like it is from one of the sessions from their Bobbie Gentry covers record, The Delta Sweete Revisited, from earlier in the year.

Five Cool Ones: Five Albums Released Today (September 13, 2019)

Janiva Magness – Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty

As big fans of Janiva Magness when she plays it straight, and here where she covers some of our favorite John Fogerty songs we are all in as well. Thankfully no “Centerfield” here, but with such afternoon delights as “Lodi” with Sam Morrow, Rock is the New Roll favorite “A Hundred and Ten in the Shade,” and a sublime version of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain, this one is a stone cold winner.

Jeremy Ivey – The Dream and the Dreamer

Mostly known for his work with Buffalo Clover as well as his role as Mr. Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey is stepping out on his own in fine fashion. Here, his 60’s County-Pop flag is flying as he carries his Laurel Canyon vibe to what should be the start of a terrific solo career. “Diamonds back to Coal” is the cream of a stellar crop.

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

He has already opened for Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and now, with the release of his full-length debut, Sam Fender is poised for the next level. Already drawing comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, his rousing arena ready anthems the likes of “Will We Talk” are U2 meets the Boss in their respective prime.

Twin Peaks – Lookout Low

Famous for their live shows in their home town of Chicago, on Lookout Low the band channels 70’s FM Rock. Produced by Ethan Johns, the setting is Big Star in places and Basement era The Band in others. “Dance Through It” has a Jackson Browne by way of Simple Minds flavor to it and is worth the price of admission alone.

Leeroy Stagger – Strange Path

Americana artist Leroy Stagger delivers a solid set of Roots Rock. Listen to Leeroy channel his inner Tom Petty on “Deeper Well” and pay tribute to the late Tragically Hip singer on “Hey! Hey! (Song For Gord).”