Five Cool Ones: 5 Of The Best Songs of 2018


Courtney Marie Andrews – Took You Up

We could have chosen any number of the songs from May Your Kindness Remains, but this song kept rising to the top. A slow builder that speaks to the virtues of making things work.

The Nude Party – Chevrolet Van

Strange band name, great song. This ode to musicians traveling from city to the next city will remind you of Arlo Guthrie.

Neko Case – Curse of the I-5 Corridor

This epic seven minute plus tune talks to the past and the unsure footing of the future. Duet partner Mark Lanegan takes this one from very good to great.

Ruston Kelly – Mockingbird

One of the Nashville shining stars, “Mockingbird” ebbs and flows and seems to come from a tortured soul. He wrote it in a Dominican hotel detoxing from a bad relationship.

Sonny Smith – Burnin’ Up

One of the best pure pop songs of the year this is another one from Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye studio. Angel Olson adds background vocals.





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