Five Cool Ones: Five Bands we missed in 2018

As per usual, once we close the books for one year, a bunch of new records grab our attention and demand some ear time. It was an outstanding year for Rock and Roll with The Record Company, DeWolff, All Them Witches, and many more delivering the goods and then some. Here are 5 more bands that you need to know about that you may have missed.


Not only is Roxanne a perfect band name, their new record, Radio Silence, is pretty much a perfect album. Released 30 years after their self-titled debut look for shades of Warrant, Queen, Foreigner and Night Ranger.


Classy L.A. Rockers fronted by a powerhouse singer Dorothy Martin. 28 Days in the Valley is a scorcher of an album.


Vintage 80’s hair metal vibing at the finest level. If you like Def Leppard, Skid Row, or Swedish darlings H.E.A.T. you will love this band.

Joyous Wolf

Having appropriately teased us with a single in 2018, Mississippi Queen/Slow hand, we can only wait and wonder what is in store for us. If their hair on fire version of the Mountain classic is any indication, we are in for a Rock and Roll treat.

The Cold Stares

One of the best Blues Rock duos in the game today. Fusing smoky Southern Blues with Alternative Rock, all systems go for this band if the new record Mountain is any indication. Just hope you make it out alive.

Author: falconi5

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