Five Cool Ones: Five Cool Albums Released This Week (March 8, 2019)

The year in music is certainly heating up. This week, Country crooner Maren Morris shows her Pop Music roots with a terrific new release, Girl, Dido is back front and center with a set of atmospheric gems, and there is the return of the fabulous Meat Puppets to celebrate. And, Dan Auerbach and his Easy Eye Sound studio continue to expose us to the type of music we should have been listening to all along with the Delta Blues styling of Leo “Bud” Welch and the appropriately named, The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name.

Here are five really cool records that caught our ear-tention this week.

Leo “Bud” Welch – The Angels in Heaven Signed My Name

Leo “Bud” Welch was in his 80’s during the sessions for The Angels in Heaven Signed My Name. Full of pathos and swagger, the ten songs presented here were recorded by Dan Auerbach and his production team at Easy Eye sound using a bare bones template with Bud playing a 1953 Les Paul and the Black Keys Richard Swift on drums. Unfortunately, both Bud Welch and Richard Swift passed away before this record was released. Listen closely to the last track, “Sweet Home.” This was the last song on the last album that Leo “Bud” Welch would ever record as he mournfully sings his one last great hurrah, “I may be dead and gone, I’ll let you know before I go.”

The Wild Reeds – Cheers

Expanded to a five-piece with a more fleshed out expansive sound that will bring to mind sort of a groovy-tone hybrid of The Go Gos and Fleetwood Mac. All of the songs are pretty much festival stage ready with a bounce that might remind you of Oh Pep!, Lucious, or even First Aid Kit.

Justus Proffitt – L.A.’s Got Me Down

Barrel your way through the first couple of songs that hit you between the ears with a lot of sonic mayhem and sound distortion and what you are left with is a pretty much a thing of beauty. Deeply thought-provoking with beautiful melodies, this record could be a love letter to Elliott Smith.

The Picturebooks – Hands of Time

You pretty much have Jack White and The White stripes to thank for this bend even existing. Garage-Stomp Rock in all the best of ways. When the duo gets cranking on “Like My World Explodes” you suddenly realize what Steven Tyler should be doing instead of going Bro-Country on our ass. This one is greasy and swampy in all the best of ways.

Patty Griffin – Patty Griffin

The new self-titled L.P. by Patty Griffin is quite simply a beautiful record and just might be up for several awards once the end of the year rolls around. Listen closely, and yes, that is ex boyfriend Robert Plant on background vocals on “What Now.” The guitar work is intricate, the vocals pristine, and the songwriting  is first-rate storytelling of the highest caliber. If she ever was to name an album after herself this one of legacy proportions.






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