New Music Friday (July 19, 2019)

Midland – Put The Hurt In Me

Gearing up for the release of a new record, these boys do 80’s Country with the best of them. I’m really trying not to like this band, but they are definitely growing on me.

Rodney Crowell and Lyle Lovett – What You Gonna Do Now

We already putting a placeholder for Rodney Crowell and his new album Texas in the top ten of albums of the year, but in the meantime here is another song to be enjoyed.

Jesse Malin – Meet Me At The End Of The World

Jesse Malin, a favorite of Rock Is The New Roll, absolutely never disappoints. Here, he is a bit more upbeat and his Lou Reed vocal delivery seems to go places we have not heard in a while.

Corb Lund and Hayes Carll – On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

A single released in advance of his new record, here he teams up with Hayes Carll to deliver a pretty darn good ‘make it their own’ version of a terrific song. Maybe they’ll get their picture on the cover.

Leon Bridges – That Was Yesterday

The latest from the San Cooke Meets Marvin Gaye Soul Singer.

DeWolff – Share the Ride

One of our favorite Rock and Roll bands du jour, DeWolff brings a template of 70’s rock with a modern flair. Listen closely for a touch of Creedence as well.

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