Five Cool Ones: Five More Albums Released Today (September 20, 2019)

Bruce Cockburn – Crowing Ignites

Bruce Cockburn is considered to be a National treasure, as well he should be. While this set of beautiful instrumentals won’t serve to bring him any new fans, this should serve as a calming Sunday Morning record.

Charlie Crockett – The Valley

In his distinct Western drawl Charlie Crockett channels his inner Texan with a Western Swing influenced two-stepper of an album.

Hiss Golden Messenger – Terms of Surrender

M.C. Taylor doing business as Hiss Golden Messenger has created another stunner of an album. Sparse yet tender rules the day here with more than a little social consciousness bubbling up to the surface.

Babe Rainbow – Today

Another album with strong Laurel Canyon vibes. “Morning Song” would have been a hit duet for Herbie Mann and Donovan in 1965.

Andrew Combs – Ideal Man

There is a touch of late era Beatles vibe to this latest album from Andrew Combs. “Firestarter” is a mellow wanderer with a startling sub-text, and “Born Without A Clue” is the story of a man looking in from the outside.

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