Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Cool Rock Bands On Our Radar

Block Buster – Gone By Morning

These Nordic newbies are literally in their teens but carry a swagger far beyond their years.

L’Epee – Dreams

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Antone Newcombe’s side-piece band with their new record, Diabolique, featuring the cinematic punch of chanteuse Emmanuele Seigner, lay down some 60’s noir vibes in the mid-era Velvet Underground mold.

Tiger Army – The Devil That You Don’t Know

Don’t invest a lot of listening time digging deeper into these guys and their catalog. We did, so you don’t have to. But, don’t let that stop you from cranking this particular Stray Cats on steroids tune up to 11.

Piston – Dynamite

With lyrics like “Come on, come on, feels so right, come on, come on, tonight’s the night” as the opening line on their latest record, this Def Leppard meets AC/DC barn burner doesn’t split any atoms, but it sure is fun.

Whiskey Myers – Die Rocking

It seems that after Whiskey Myers moved on from using guru Brent Cobb as their producer, on their latest self-titled album they have taken on the knob twirling themselves and their Lynyrd Skynyrd flag is flying higher than ever.

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