What We’re Listening To Wednesday (November 27, 2019)

It’s been a bit slow on the music scene the last couple of weeks, but despite the lack of quality there definitely is a whole lot of quality.

Daniel Donato – Never Been a Lover

Yet another great singer from the Nashville vicinity, his recently released e.p., Starlight, has been on heavy rotation at Rock is the New Roll H.Q..

Nils Lofgren – Pretty Soon

His work with Bruce Springsteen, of course, is legendary, and his back in the day band Grin is pretty cool as well. But we love his solo work the best.

Tim Buckley – Hong King Bar

Tim Buckley’s 1972 release Greetings from L.A. is on the top 50 platters of all time to our ears. Tim Buckley, Jeff’s father, like his son met an untimely end. With a style that is a bit less hazy than his son’s and slightly more accessible, the album is pure ’70s Folk Rock at its finest.

The High Divers – Ride With You

Another one of the fine bands from Charleston, SC, the Tom Petty influence can’t be shaken, but that is never a bad thing. Their entire e.p. is a treat especially when the entire band jumps in like they do on “Our Love Is A Fire.”

David Blue – Grand Hotel

Roaming round on the fringes of the Laurel Canyon scene in the days of Linda, The Eagles and the rest of the denizens, David Blue, for unknown reasons, never really caught the wave the others rode to stardom. Always rooting for the underdog, his catalog is worth a listen.

Mother Hips – White Falcon Fuzz

Mixing pretty much all of the genres that we love, Americana, Pop, Psych, California Boogie, with a touch of Jam-Band on the side, this S.F. based band is our go-to music comfort food.

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