Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Reasons Why Rock Is Not Dead

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Rock music is back and better than ever. look no further than the Mongolian Rock band The Hu or the fact that Wishbone Ash released a new album in 2020. We are in crazy times folks, and there is no time like the present to treat our ears to Rock and Roll the way it is supposed to be played, loud and proud. Here are five new Rock and Roll bands that are making the scene.

Gorilla Riot – Peach

Besides sporting a name that is one of the more kick-ass monikers in Rock and Roll, these guys are the real deal. If you consider a five-piece Dirty Blue Rock band from Manchester with a three-prong guitar attack to be the real deal that is. And, we certainly do. Part Grunge, part MC-5, turn the volume up on these guys and feel the noise.

The Claws – No Connection

These boys represent the best of the L.A. Rock Throw-back scene. The Stonesy riffs are front and center as is the subtle yet in-your-face Nicky  Hopkins piano. Just sit back and savor “Little Glimmer,” the opening track from their 2020 release No Connection and you will feel the vibe of a top album of 2020 album in the making.

Slander Tongue – Slander Tounge

The New York Dolls by way of the Stooges. These boys from Berlin spew out a massive sprawl of early ’70s Flintstone Rock with the late ’70s skinny-tie Pogo-Rock. Whatever happened before or since it doesn’t really matter.

The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic

If there is such a thing, The Night Flight Orchestra is an immensely approachable  Progressive Rock and Roll band. Their orchestral arrangements put those early ELO records to shame, and this band continues to push the boundaries of Classic Rock.

Buffalo Summer – Isolation Blue

Pound for pound, Isolation Blue, The new record from Buffalo Summer is one of the most anticipated records of the year. For us, anyway. Some sort of freak hybrid of Bad Company, Free and Thin Lizzy, this one has our hair on fire.






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