What We’re listening To: July 3, 2020

Looking forward to seeing how they are going to pull off a socially hot dog eating contest on the fourth of July, but in the meantime, we are driving down a couple of cool musical rabbit holes her in the offices of Rock is the new roll.

Low Cut Connie – Stay as Long as You Live

Here at Rock is the New Roll we are big fans of Low Cut Connie. Normally this merry band of Philadelphia pranksters cranks out utter mayhem with their over the top bombastic blend of cabaret-style  Rock and Roll. Here frontman ivory tickler Adam Weiner takes things down low and slow, and we really like it.

Low Cut Connie – Dirty Water

The Detroit Cobras – Bo Diddley

Bursting out from the Detroit Garage-Rock scene in the late ’90s, The Detroit Cobras were one scorching Rock and Roll band. Featuring frontwoman exotic dancer Rachel Nagy on vocals the band made their mark on the underground garage scene digging dig into the bowels of primitive Rock and Roll for their influences.

The Empty Hearts – Run and Hide With You

If you are not hip to The Empty Hearts, an Austin Powers style retro band that features former members of Blondie, Eliot Easton of Cars fame, the former lead singer of The Romantics along with a Chesterfield King thrown in for good measure, here is your chance.

Cherie Curry – Queens of Noise

Cherie Curry, in a tough ‘Sophies ‘Choice’ sort of choice, is our favorite runaway. Her latest record even at her advanced age is a pleasure to the ears, with “Queens of Noise”, a tribute to drum goddess Sandy Dennis is a joy to the ears.


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