Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Reasons Rock Is Not Dead

Ok, after having embarked on a little bit of a Tesla and Whitesnake binge of late I am firmly convinced that real Rock and Roll is definitely not dead. You just need to know where to look.

Austin Gold – You Got It All

One of the up and coming Arena Rock bands making music right now. Austin Gold is a sort of Foo Fighters Bad Company Hybrid.

Brother Firetribe – Night Drive

Pretty much, by definition, the coolest driving song of 2020, this one is from the bands 2020 release Feel The Burn, a Melodic Roc classic in the Night Ranger mold.

White Dog – Abandon Ship

A good Old fashioned Rock and Roll Band in the James Gang Mold. Don’t sleep on these guys, they are the real Rock and Roll deal.

Taylor Locke – Dying Up Here

Having played with Sparks and co-founded the band Rooney, there should be no questioning Taylor Locke’s Rock and Roll credentials.

Dirty Princess Band – The Man Vs. The Chevy Van

This audacious debut from this bnand has been described as the Shangri-La’s on ecstasy. And hey, who’s to say they’re wrong.

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