What We’re Listening To: October 18, 2020

Daniel Romano’s Outfit – How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

Not sure how he does it in the middle of a pandemic, but this dude, Daniel Romano has released tons of material while the rest of us are just sitting around watching our hair grow. His latest record, the funkily named How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is a belter and should be up for album of the year consideration. The epic tune “A Rat Without A Tail” is Marc Bolan T-Rex and George Harrison inspired perfection.

The Brothers Steve #1

Once you drop the needle down on “We Got The Hits” from The Brother Steves latest record, #1, you will be hooked and be on your way to coolness a-go-go. With a hip ’60s almost girl group vibe these guys, only one of them is called Steve, are fun, quirky, and mojo-groovy. Think David Bowie covering The Monkees and you will have pretty much nailed it.

The Bookends – Calliope

Born only 12 days apart cousins Karen Lynn and Sharon Lee deliver a swirling potion of ’60s Bubblegum Pop, slicing Rickenbacker guitars, cool organ riffs, and Revolver era Beatles ecstasy. “She’s Got It” is a Nuggets worthy Garage Rock stomper, and “Keep Keeping On” has a distinct “Taxman” vibe about it. Heady stuff, indeed.

Rose Abbott – Magnified

The Laura Nyro inspired title track from her upcoming record, Magnified, has our ears doing cartwheels awaiting the proper full-length.

GospelBeacH – Baby (It’s All Your Fault)

GospelbeacH is one of our favorite bands of recent vintage. On this single from an intimate and acoustic performance at London’s famous Betsy Trotwood pub the essence of the band is framed to sublime perfection.

J.D. Simo – Soul of a Man

This scorcher of a song courtesy of the guitar player’s guitarist J.D. Simo steps out from fronting his own band and goes solo. This cover of a Blind Willie Johnson tune lays the ground bare taking no prisoners.

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