Five Cool Ones – Five New Records released this Week (October 30, 2020)

Get on it music Peeps. The dreaded Christmas blackout period is right around the corner and there are only a few music weeks before we will be getting more version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Another Garth Brooks Christmas record, or horror of horrors, a Michael Buble special.  So, let’s sit back, put our feet up, and enjoy the goodness that is a new music release.

If you’re not hip to Jaime Wyatt and her latest record, Neon Cross, your ears deserve a bit of a treat with her latest single, “Rattlesnake Girl.”

Danny Elfman, the lead singer of Oingo Boingo, is front and center just in time for Halloween with the spooky “Happy.”

And Trev Lukather, son of Steve, introduces his band Lavara and their unique brand of Classic Rock with a modern twist.

Here are five more records that have caught our ear-tention from this week’s batch of goodies.

Elvis Costello – Hey Clockface

Yet another well crafted, exquisitely produced, and impeccably written record from Elvis Costello. From spoken word, to ’50’s Tin Pan Alley crooner and beyond this record will come across at first listen as somewhat of a disjointed affair. But, give it a view grooves in your ear-space as you move from the dead of night poetry of “Radio is Everything” to the Tom Waits inspired “Hetty O’Hara Confidential” and this path less travelled will reveal itself.

Black Stone Cherry – In Love With The Pain

One of those bands assigned the daunting task of saving Rock and Roll, Black Stone Cherry with their latest record In Love With the Pain takes steps towards shedding their their Swamp-Metal label in favor of good old fashioned Rock and Roll. And, starting a record out with the lyrics “People, people your attention please, I want to tell you about a new disease,” might give the impression that this is a current events record instead of the Rock and Roll opus that it truly is. From the supremely rocking driving tune “Ride” to the almost ballad refrain of “If My Heart Had Wings” there is an old school vibe to this one that should be savored.

Skyway Man – The World Ends When You Die

James Wallace, the singer songwriter known as Skyway Man, fully embraces his role as one of the leaders of the Cosmic Country movement on his latest offering, The World Ends When You Die. Self described as a psychedelic space opera, the record has a mellow feel to it reminiscent of mid-era George Harrison in places, most notably on “Night Walking, Alone” and in other spaces brings to mind The Band front and center like they do on “Old Swingin’ Bell.”

Smokescreens – A Strange Dream

A band that was formed around their collective love for New Zealand’s Flying Nun record label, jangle, Byrds-Ian Power Pop is the order of the day with this group. The sunshine on your shoulders opener “Fork in the Road” will send you on a jaunty stroll that will keep on going all the to that one and only love of your life ending opus, “I Love Only You” that will cap off your journey on the highest of notes.

Sam Morrow – Gettinby on Gettin’ Down

If Little Feat is your band then Gettin‘ by on Gettin’ Down, the latest from Country rocker Sam Morrow, is most definitely your groove-laden jam. The eclectic mix of funky licks and swamp rock kicks combine to make this one a delectable comfort food listen. The title track sends out a Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe, “Round ‘n Round” is pure .38 Special, and “Golden Venus” carries with it the spirit of Tony Joe White, great touchstones, all.

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