What We’re Listening To Wednesday (March 10, 2021)

The listening week is shaping up to be pretty groovy this time around with some really tasty morsels blaring from inside the offices at Rock is the New Roll H.Q.

If you are not hip to the band Beebe Gallini and their scene, no worries, the new record is set to drop In March and we are grooving to their latest single “My Way of Thinking” a groovy mix of go-go beats, garage band bombast. There literally is nothing not to like with this one. Look for Pandemos to be released into the wild on March 21.

And, if you are ready to throw your head back, let your nears flop in the wind, and sing out with unbridled joy Snoopy style then “Congratulations” courtesy of The Nobility, the self-glossed 53rd best band in Nashville, will tickle your tail feathers and definitely make your day better, especially played multiple times at increasingly high volumes.

Always suckers for a good cover song, Janita, the up-and-coming Finnish songstress wraps herself in a Peter Gabriel blanket hipping up “Digging In The Dirt” from the 1992 album Us. 

And, keeping the frozen tundra theme going, Vintage Caravan, the boys from Iceland are blasting our ears with some Progressive/Stoner Rock version of Kansas on Acid with their new one “Crystallized,” and we can’t get enough of it.

And Speaking of Psychedelic Rock, Black Mountain out of Vancouver, British Columbia has dropped a couple of Black Sabbath evoking singles including the epic “Juniors Eyes.”

And, what better way to end a fine What We’re Listening To Wednesday than capping things off with a cover version of the Janis semi-deep cut “Kosmic Blues” in the deft hands of RITNR Hall of Famers The Last Internationale.




Author: falconi5

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