Five Cool Ones: Five New Records Released This Week (April 9, 2021)

Game on my music-minded friends, we are entering into a stretch of glory weeks for new music the likes we have not seen, or heard, since 2019. 

Rock is the New Roll band du jour Starcrawler are priming themselves for some big things later in the year, case in point with this live performance of “Rich Taste” direct from The Roxy in Los Angeles.

The girls in Deap Vally just released a new single and video, “Give Me a Sign” which is certainly a sign that they are on the move this year.

And, wait for it, the Wallflowers are back after a nine-year absence with a new single “Roots and Wings.” This factoid alone makes this a stellar week of Rock and Roll.

And, if all of that is not enough here five new albums we are grooving to this week.

Nick Waterhouse – Promenade Blue

With Nick Waterhouse, the fact that he sounds like himself record after record is never a bad thing. It is hard to pull off vintage cool without coming across as forced, but Nick Waterhouse with his new record Promanade Blue Pulls the trick off in style putting him right up there with Daniel Romano and Chris Isaak as one of the best in the game. 

The hipster tune “The Spanish Look” would have been perfect in the hands of Bobby Darin, “Vincentine” is a swaggering semi-rocker complete with Sun Records guitars that struts out his girl that is brunette but not too brunette, and “B.Santana Ana 1986” is a song that could have been played at Austin Powers’ wedding reception. 

At 34 tight minutes, the record avoids the sameness syndrome quite nicely, and the analog recording methods that Romano adheres to on every record he puts out will make this listen one of the best 1/2 hours of your day.

Benny Sings – Music

The Netherlands with the emergence of DeWollf, the best Rock and Roll band on the planet, and now with Benny Sings, The is quickly becoming a musical hotbed.

With a sound that makes him a card-carrying member of the Yacht Rock club that seems to be gaining in prominence this week with Pearl Charles as acting president, Benny could just be the long-lost BeeGee brother right there alongside Barry, Maurice, Robyn, and Andy. Just listen to “Nobody’s Fault” and tell us we’re wrong.

There is much to savor on this one if you are a fan of The BeeGees, Hall and Oates, or even Todd Rundgren. “Run Right Back” has a Stevie Wonder Talking Book feel to it while “Miracles” could have been a Hall and Oates hit single.

This is a vintage-sounding record with a contemporary sheen that will last long past the next few weeks and should show up on many of the lists later in the year for top 20 consideration.

Silver Synthetic – Silver Synthetic

Feel free to pencil this one in as a top contender for the best debut album of the year. Covering many of our treasured touchstones including Beachwood Sparks, Tom Petty, Wilco, and Green on Red, this New Orleans combo that features members of BOTTOMFEEDERS as well as Jeff the Brotherhood combines analog Rock and Roll, Country Rock, and shimmering harmonies into a blend that plays well with just about any musical taste.

“Unchain Your Heart” could have been a Neil Young and Crazy horse anthem, “Out of the Darkness” is Tom Petty by way of a Kraftwerk single, really it is, and the closer “On The Way Home” has a bit of John Lennon in the DNA. 

Don’t sleep on this one unless you want your ears to leave you for a more musically hip head.

Razorbats – Mainline Rock ‘n’ Roll

We are not quite ready to invite this new rock and roll band into the “rock is not dead” club however, we definitely will have our ears peeled to see how these guys progress over the years. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids” has a definite Massive Wagons feel to it, “Big Time” starts with a cowbell, and that’s pretty cool, and “Little Miss Crazy” is straight fire and could have been played on the Sunset Strip in the ’80s.

This one will not particularly reinvent rock music, but for fans of Def Leppard and the band Poison, this one is a pleasant enough jam.

Pink Stones – Introducing..The Pink Stones

Another sparkling debut album this time of the Cosmic Cowboy variety. Bringing inspiration from Gram Parsons, Mazzy Star along with the Brothers Burrito, this one ebbs and flows from late-night laments with “Blueberry Dreams” to last-call honky-tonk stompers on “Barroom Blues.”

“Love Me Hardly” is a Lucero-worthy heart-worn she loves another guy anti-love song, and “Let’s Sit Down” is an ode to the literal high of new love. Fan’s of Neil Young, Poco, and Gram-era Byrds should get on this one post-haste.

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