Tasty Tunes of the Week (February 5, 2023)

Here are songs that are are in heavy rotation in the halls of Rock is the new Roll H.Q. this week.

Maple Mars – Anchors Aweigh

Just one of the terrific bands on the Big Stir Records label, Maple Mars is out with a nautical-themed new video for “Anchors Aweigh,” a single from their stellar 2022 release, Someone’s Got To Listen.

Ilko Birov – Mrs. James

A dose of Dave Davies by way of Eliott Smith on this single that will bring back to the minds ear Holland-era Beach Boys. An exciting new singer songwriter out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Floral Portrait – Clarissa

And, speaking of Brian Wilson and The Beach boys influenced bands, here, with “Clarissa,” Atlanta’s Floral Portrait presents a sublimely sunny, immaculately produced gem in the Pet Sounds mold.

The Nude Party – Hard Times (All Around)

And, as we all know, everything is just a placeholder until the proper Nude Party album comes out later in the year, but while we wait, the band is dribbling out stellar releases like this one.

Margo Price – Radio

With the release of her latest album, Strays, Margo Price seems to be coming into her own. With this freshly minted video for “Radio,” the only thing she has on is the radio. In this case almost literally.

Laurie Styvers – Beat The Reaper

Landing squarely on the Laura Nyro, Carole King spectrum, this one could have been written on a couch in Laurel Canyon in 1972.

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