Five Cool Ones: Five Cool Songs That Are On Our Radar

The Regrettes – Come Through

The Regrettes are one of our favorite bands, everything about them is cool from their dynamic lead singer Lydia Night to their Blondie meets The Ramones Vibe.

Church of the Cosmic Skull – Evil In Your Eye

Hands and ears down, The Church of the Cosmic Skull is our favorite new band. This one is from 2016 Album Is Satan Real. Kansas meets The Polyphonic Spree on this one.

Kurt Baker Combo – Foolish Stuff

Anytime Little Steven endorses a band and puts them on his Wicked Cool record label, they have to deliver the goods. Now, on the second single from the Let’s Go Wild record they really do.

Devotchka – Straight Shot

For a band that is heavily influenced by Gypsy music and spaghetti westerns, they play it pretty straight on “Straight Shot” the first single from their upcoming album.

Jill Barber – Girl’s Gotta Do It

The lead single from Metaphora. A girl’s got to do what a girls gotta do. Right on!