Friday Night Fever: Five Songs To Rock Your Friday Night World


Tequila Mockingbyrd – I Smell Rock and Roll

And yes, they certainly do. If Joan Jett fronted Guns ‘N’ Roses the resulting take no prisoners band would sound more than a little like this.

The Dust Coda – Rock N Roll

One of the hippest Rock and Roll bands we have run across in an awfully long time, these London blokes are certainly carrying the torch for the next wave of rock and rollers. Led Zeppelin with a touch of AC/DC is the order of the day.

The Texas Flood – Gambling Man

More Molly Hatchett than Stevie Ray Vaughan, this Dallas based band started out as an SRV tribute band and evolved themselves into a stomping blues-rock band in their own right.

Dangereens – Streets of Doom

If you’re into an all-boozing,  party till you drop, rock and roll band like you used to dig back in the day, then Dangereens is your jam. These Canadian punkers are high octane with enough sleaze and debauchery to make Motley Crue blush. If the Stones and New York Dolls somehow mind-melded, the result would be Dangereens.

The Speedways – This Ain’t A Radio Sound

With a self-glossed sound of Ronettes Punk blending elements of Tom Petty, Phil Spector, and Exploding Hearts these Power Pop kings are your next perfect party band.



Album of the Day: Dangereens – Tough Luck

Wham glam thank you, ma’am. If you close your eyes while listening to this glam-tastic new release from Montreal’s premier foot-stomping retro band, Dangereens, you might think you have been dropped into a time warp taking you back to 1975.

The influences and touchpoints are pretty straightforward, but that does not make them any less delicious. Marc Bolan, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Hanoi Rocks, pretty much every Rock and Roll band you hold dear to your ears makes an appearance here. Heck, there even is a steady fragrance of epic-era Kinks on this set of odes to coolness.

Chuck Berry Riffs and T Rex Glam share the stage with older than their years’ songwriting chops, New York Dolls swagger, and blouse wearing torsos. This one has Rock and Roll record of the year written all over it.