What We’re Listening To Wednesday (April 21, 2021)

With a lot of feathers ruffling and playlist debates at Rock is the new Roll HQ, despite our recent Rock jag we have been into we have been able to come up with a consensus this week. As such, here are our jams for “what we’re listening to Wednesday.”

John Hiatt and The Jerry Douglas Band – Long Black Electric Cadillac

The song, not to be confused with the 1958 song “Long Black Cadillac”, is updated for the modern age with a Cadillac that can go 1,000 miles on a single charge. John Hiatt’s latest version with The Jerry Douglas Band will set you up quite nicely as a centerpiece in your next road trip playlist. Hiatt’s new record Leftover Feelings comes out on May 21st.

GospelbeacH – Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’

This one popped up while we were going down a rabbit hole of Good Lovin’ versions from the Rascals. While we did come up with an extraordinarily excellent version by The Grateful Dead from the album Shakedown Street

the real jewel of a find here was this pseudo-cover, “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin” the ’60’s song from Bubble Gum rockers Crazy Elephant performed by RITNR hall of Famers GospelbeacH.

Lee Aaron – Whatcha Do To My Body

The latest book circulating among the members of the Rock is the New Roll book club is Nothin’ But A Good Time, which chronicles the rise and the post-Grunge fall of Sunset Strip Rock and Roll. The discussions about the book led us to current bands that bring the energy and vibe of the Hair Metal days and are playing the Raunch and Roll of the Sunset Strip forward. Rocker Lee Aaron, a bit more amped-up version of Suzi Quatro, fits the bill quite nicely and is a staple on Rock and Roll Saturday nights in The Falcon’s Nest.

The Legal Matters – Light Up The Sky

The first single to be released in advance of their soon-to-be-released third album, Chapter 3, set to be released on May 30. The record is pretty much pre-ordained to be a stunner if this Pet Sounds worthy cut is any indication.


Rainmakers – Ashes

Growing up in the same waters that spawned Samantha Fish and The Temperance Movement, British rockers Rainmakers have a mid-era Zeppelin vibe to them along with a Bad Company essence wafting in the air as well. We have our ears tuned to these guys and are convinced that glory days are ahead for this band. “Ashes is a straight-ahead Blues-Rocker.

And, “Forgotten Child” is a Paul Rodgers fronting Led Zeppelin epic of a tune.

What We’re Listening To Wednesday (September 18, 2019)

King Corduroy – All Right

Deep in the recesses of Rock is the New Roll H.Q. we have been going down more than a few Southern Rock rabbit holes. He calls his music Cosmic Southern Soul Music, but we just call it cool. There is more than a little 70’s Leon Russell swagger bandied about with this guy.

Raphael Saadiq – This World is Drunk

His new record, Jimmy Lee, is dedicated to his deceased brother. This triumphant return by an artist that consistently delivers thought provoking music that never fails to sooth the soul.

Yola – It Ain’t Easier

Most followers of Rock is the New Roll already know we are HUGE fans of pretty much any record that comes out of Easy Eye Sound. Yola’s new album, Walk Through The Fire, is a strong contender for song of the year.

Conway Twitty – Southern Comfort

With the current trend of contemporary Roots Americana artists reaching back to the classic outlaw artists of the day for their influences it is always good to go back to the barrooms in search of the originals. Here is a later day Conway Twitty gem that sounds like it could be a Chris Stapleton song.

The Wild – Playing With Fire

Canadian rockers, The Wild, throw it down like a more melodic Motörhead.

Lee Aaron – Watcha Do To My Body

And, speaking of Rock Chicks, the 30th anniversary of Lee Aaron’s Bodyrock is upon us.