Five Cool Ones: Five New Morsels We Are Listening To

There is a lot going on this week on the music front, here are five particularly choice ear-nuggets we are listening to here at Rock is the New Roll.

Van Morrison – Latest Record Project

Ming news for all of the right reasons this time, Van Morrison will releasing Latest Record Volume 1, an album of fresh blue-eyed soul with a bit of blues thrown in for good measure.

Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird – Burn the Honky Tonk

Jimbo Mathus and Andrew bird combine their creative juices on this mournful late-night Honky Tonk crawler.

When Rivers Meet – Walking On The Wire

The latest Blues Rock video from their highly excellent We Fly Free album released last year. The sound will bring to mind Whitehorse or Larkin Poe.

Jim Capaldi – Short Cut Draw Blood

As the drummer, co-founder, and writing partner for Traffic having co-written “Paper Sun” and “Dear Mr. Fantasy” as well as many others, Jim Capaldi’s third solo record, Short Cut Draw Blood, has been given the reissue and re-release treatment.  This one was Capaldi’s third solo recorded and first after the breakup of Traffic, the record yielded two top 30 singles in “It’s All Up To You” as well as a pretty pedestrian cover of “Love Hurts.” With contributions from Steve Winwood, Chris Spedding along with the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, time will be well spent with this one.

Tony Joe White – Boot Money

Scheduled to be released by Easy Eye Sound later in the year, a set of never heard the light of day songs will be included on the album Smoke From The Chimney. With Dan Auerbach twirling the knobs on this one early placement on your radar is certainly warranted.



Friday Night Fever – Five Songs To Rock Your Friday Night World


A new feature in Rock is the new Roll. Five groovy singles to rock your Friday Night World.

The Amplifier Heads – Rave Up

A blast of Rock and roll energy that would play perfectly well at CBGB’s.

Small Town Titans – Rufflin’ Feathers

This power trio from York, Pa draw their inspiration from present-day rockers Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, and Deep Purple. Listen to their earth scorching new single “Rufflin’ Feathers.”

Larkin Poe – Fly Away

Larkin Poe, distant relatives to Edgar Alan Poe put heir own blues stomp signature on the classic Lenny Kravitz single.

When Rivers Meet – Battleground

This old-school blues-rock duo consisting of husband and wife team Grace and Aaron Bond is a thumping combination of John Lee Hooker and The White Stripes if Meg did the singing instead of Jack that is. Heady stuff, indeed.

Mason Hill – Against The Wall

This band of Scottish twenty-somethings seems to be in it to win it. Scorching guitars, gang vocals, these boys are right around the corner from hitting the big time.