The Top Songs of 2019 (55-51)

There have been a lot of really great songs released in 2019. This year, we will be revealing our top 100 songs five tunes at a time all the way to number one. Here are our picks for 60-56.

55. Deacon Blue – City of Love

Taking their name from a Steely Dan song, the Scottish band Deacon Blue hasn’t let up one bit from when they were opening for The Waterboys way back in 1985. In March of 2020, the band will be releasing City of Love, their fourth album in seven years. This band is almost the poster child for under the radar bands you should know about.

54. Soccer Mommy – Yellow is the Color Of Her Eyes

“Yellow is the Color Of Her Eyes” is only the second track of new music from Soccer Mommy that has reached our ears since 2018’s breakout album, Lush and complex, the song inspired by life on the road and the relations that suffer from the distance and time away features harpist Mary Lattimore.

53. Durand Jones & The Indications – Morning in America

Alongside Austin’s Black Pumas, Durand Jones and his mates are front and center on the cresting Soul revivalist movement. Drummer Aaron Frazer adds to the vibe with vocals that perfectly complement Durand Jones. From the record, American Love Call, “Morning in America” harkens back to the protest Soul of the ’60s and ’70s. The lyrics touch on contaminated water, overprescribing of pain-killers, and systematic racism, all touchstones of a protest song for todays times.

52. P.P. Arnold – I Believe

Unbelievably, her 2019 record, The New Adventures of P.P. Arnold, is her first proper solo album in 51 years, and she has not lost anything at all on her vocal fastball. “I believe” is a beautiful, immaculately produced cinematic wonder to behold.

51. Fontaines DC – Boys In A Better Land

With an energy that falls somewhere north of The Clash and South of The Waterboys, “Boys In A Better Land” almost literally sparks with a nervous energy that makes you feel alive. These guys mix Post-Punk riffs with a literate sensibility capable of ripping your ears off. Even the ballads these guys throw out have a lot of street swagger.






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