Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Reasons Rock Is Not Dead

Proving once again that Rock is not dead, you just have to look a bit harder to find it, here are five artists that are waiving the Rock and Roll flag.

JJ Wilde – Ruthless

At the tender age of 26, rocker JJ Wilde quit the three jobs she was working and sold her soul for Rock and Roll. Self-describing her style as raw, rough, and full of honesty her latest record Ruthless shimmers, smolders, and burns like a female Jack White.

The Glorious Sons – A War On Everything

Already an arena-ready band when they first hit our ear-waves, The Glorious Sons is a timeless, taut slice of Rock and Roll heaven. Meandering from straight-ahead Rock and Roll one moment to low and slow-burning in the Bad Company mold the next, with songs as tight as “Spirit To Break” along with the gloriousness of the title track from 2019’s A War On Everything it’s a real wonder why these guys are not more well known.

The Luka State – Rooms On Fire

There may not be a better-monikered album in 2020 than The Luka States latest record, Rooms on Fire. Hailing from Chesire, England these young cats are announcing themselves quite nicely with their mini-album, 7 songs clocking in at just under 22 minutes. There is no time to rest here as each song seems to build on the last with the intensity and bombast increasing incrementally. From the stunning “[Insert Girls Name Here]” to the euphoric “Feel It” if this one doesn’t make you feel alive there is something wrong with you.

The Blue Stones – Let It Ride

The Blue Stones, essentially Tarak Jafar on lead vocals and guitar along with Justin Tessier (drums and backing vocals). are slow-walking their first proper record to be released later in the year with a succession of highly listenable Rock and Roll Nuggets leaving us most definitely wanting more. “Let It Ride” is a Black Keys style rocker, and “Careless” has more of an R&B flair to it.

The Blinders – Fantasies of A Stay At Home Psychopath

Already scorching the earth as one of the bands that should restore your faith in Rock and Roll, The Blinders have already taken over their adopted home town of Manchester and are poised to take over the rest of the world. With a visceral Post-Punk attitude their unique approach to their craft almost deserves its own genre, Punk-Adelic would pretty much fit the bill.

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