What We’re Listening To Sunday (October 11, 2020)

The wheels are turning and the tunes are spinning sometimes faster than we can keep up. So many great bands, so little time. Here are some of the bands and artists we have been checking out this week.

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts

Ever since his band broke up over record company legal wrangling ex Biters frontman Tuk Smith has been plotting his return to the big time with the formation of his new band The Restless Hearts. Luckily, we are treated with a few little breadcrumbs in the form of some sweet singles as an appetizer to the main course to be delivered early 2021.

Christopher Shayne – Pour the Bottle

Sort of a devil hybrid of Guns ‘N’ Roses and ZZ Top, this guy throws down hard-edged Southern Rock with an edge that would make Blackberry Smoke blush.

Carla Bruni – Rien Que L’extase

Translated from French as “Nothing But Extasy we would say that description is pretty spot-on in describing this va-voom live video from chanteuse Carla Bruni’s latest record, Carla Bruni. Just to see the sleeves cut-off Harley T she is sporting is worth the price of admission alone on this one.

Haybaby – Get Down

Sort of Grunge Pop this slow build anthem to being comfortable in your own skin reaches deep into the soul and stays there for a while.

Goat Girl – Sad Cowboy

This lose yourself swirling Techno-Pop beauty is in advance of a new record, On All Fours, coming out later in the year.


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