Five Cool Ones – Five Cool Albums That Were Released This Week (February 2, 2019)

With a couple of live albums to note, Jesse Dayton’s rough and rowdy On Fire In Nashville and Linda Ronstadt Live In Hollywood, it has been a solid but not spectacular week of new album releases.

Blank Range – In Unison

Another one of those great hybrid bands from Nashville, Blank Range combines melody-driven Rock, country-tinged Americana with bits of Psych-Folk thrown in for good measure. Think Wilco meets Drive By Truckers on this one.

The Woggles – Please Leave My Mind

A crowd favorite on Stevie Van Zandt’s Underground Garage Sirius XM radio station, these guys could have been Austin Power’s house band. This 4 song E.P. released in advance of a more proper record to come out later in the year is groovy man groovy.

Unloved – Heartbreak

With a 60’s-noire femme fatale sort of vibe, a lot of their songs are featured on the television show Killing Eve, this record is a cinematic near masterpiece. Evoking Amy Winehouse, Dusty Springfield and early Burt Bacharach, singer/songwriter Jade Vincent totally immerses herself in each of the songs. This one may end up being the most interesting album of the year.

Business of Dreams – Ripe for Anarchy

The Indie-Pop band Business of Dreams can’t quite figure our if they are firmly rooted in the 80’s or the 90’s.  With visions of 80’s Brit-Pop bands sprinkled throughout their vibe visions of The Lightning Seeds or Aztec Camera will will be wafting in the air after a couple of listens.

Van Duren – The Van Duren Story

Van Duren was at one time a part of the underground Memphis power  pop scene along with the boys in Big Star and Alex Chilton. This album grabs 12 songs from the recently released documentary, Waiting: The Van Duren Story. If you are a fan of Big Star, Badfinger, or The Raspberries this one one is music to your ears.


Video of the Day: Blank Range – Radio

Yet another of the really cool bands to come out of Nashville. A Rock band with an Americana bent to their vibe, “Radio” is the first single to be released from these guys that just finished touring with Tyler Childers, Margo Price and Nicki Lane. Look for the new record, In Unison, scheduled to be released on February 1.