Five Cool Ones: Five More Reasons Rock Is Not Dead

There are a lot of new bands that are worth your attention doing business in bars all across the country. Given today’s musical landscape and the amount of really hard rocking, kick-ass bands that are applying their trade it is not easy to separate the cool from the lame. Here are five more reasons that Rock is definitely alive and well.

Sons of Kong – Cold Hearted Woman

Not technically a new band, they released a smokin’ E.P. SHAG in 2016, this Wisconsin based Blues Rock band is on the brink of much more acclaim. Look for their first proper L.P. to be released sometime towards the end of 2018.

Babylon Shakes – Making A Million

Some sort of devil spawn hybrid of Sleaze, Glam, 70’s Rock and Roll and 80’s Sunset strip, these guys are thrashing their way deep into your ears with an infectious brand of Rock that you haven’t seen since Guns ‘N’ Roses ruled the world.

Liliac – Chain of Thorns

Liliac is a band of hard rocking Los Angeles based with none of them over the age of 16. And guess what, they are good. Even bordering on great. Expanding beyond their weekly appearances on the Santa Monica Pier their debut album, Chain of Thorns, was released on January 25th. Stewart Copeland heard the band and was impressed enough with drummer Abigail Cristea to take the band under his wing and help sponsor them to the next level.

Denman – Alive In Overdrive

The Nashville cats Denman are ready to take their Heavy Metal Metallica inspired vibe to the big time with their latest record, Raw Deal. Here, we have another band that has been living the dream in small bars and clubs and just maybe will hit the big time with their polished new record of pure Rock and Roll.

Massive Wagons – Tokyo

Massive Wagons with their 2018 release Full Nelson is already on our radar, but with more and more listens this band is rocketing to the top of our listening charts. From the U.K. the vibe is straight ahead Rock and Roll with strong hooks, mighty choruses, and radio friendly songs. And yes, there is cowbell.




Five Cool Ones: Five (More) Reasons Rock Is Not Dead

The Lemon Twigs – The Fire

Remember when Rock and Roll was fun. People didn’t take themselves or the music too seriously and it was ok to be a bit different. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting The Lemon Twigs.

The Dirty Nil – Bathed In Light

When you open for The Who your band must be pretty good. Part early who and part ramshackle MC-5 these Canadian dudes can light up a stage.

The Regrettes – California Friends

Part Pretenders, part 60’s Girl Group, all cool.

Glorious Sons – Josie

These Canadian brothers mix Springsteen worthy lyrics with With Kings of Leon Indie Rock credibility.

Massive Wagons – Under No Illusion

One nation under a hook and a groove, these guys are pretty much arena level ready right out of the box.