Five Cool Ones: Five New Albums Released This Week (October 11, 2019)

Cody Jinks – After The Fire

With each successive record he releases Cody Jinks seems to channel Chris Stapleton more and more, and that is a very good thing. Now that he is back to being independent after a brief dance with Rounder Records, Cody delivers a solid set of Outlaw Country complete with Honky Tonk blazers and mellow ballads. Jinks blends the darkness with the light with a nimble touch and his Randy Travis Meets Garth Brooks croon is wearing very well on him.

Trigger Hippy – Full Circle & Then Some

On their second incarnation of the band Amber Woodhouse replaces Joan Osborne when a female lead singer is needed as the band lays down the best Country Soul this side of Delaney and Bonnie. This one is decidedly Laurel Canyon retro in all the best of ways.

The Lilac Time – Return To Us

A lovely sort of pastoral listen, there is a meandering pedal steel that sets much of the tone on this nine song set. Slightly political in some places, the title track, written three days after the current inauguration, plays off an Obama speech, and elsewhere there is melancholy whimsey in the Country inflected “Simple Things” remembering a time with less technology.

Starcrawler – Devour You

Strawcrawler comes at you and lands right in your face like some sort of Glam Punk David Lee Roth zombie mutant released to the world. Despite this, their second long-player, being a bit less aggressive than their debut, they still manage to turn out some real fine Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired Rock and Roll.

Joseph Arthur – Come Back World

Joseph Arthur is nothing if not prolific. Despite this being his first solo project in three years, Arthur has definitely been part of the scene organically implanting himself into many musically diverse projects including Arthur Buck with Peter Buck, Fistfull of Mercy with Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper, and Jeff Ament. Here, his pals Jesse Malin, Ben Harper, and Patrick Carney join in on the fun with a spirit calming set of his most personal and powerful songs to date.

New Music Friday: What We’re Listening To (September 6, 2019)

Greta Van Fleet – Always There

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship band with this band of brothers. While the music they make is stunningly good despite the obvious comparisons to Led Zeppelin, the narrative that they are the sole saviors of Rock and Roll is simply not true. This latest track from the Movie A Million Little Pieces shows a band maturing before our very ears.

Trigger Hippy – Strung Out On The Pain

Yes folks, the rumors are true. Trigger Hippy has a new record coming out, the drop date is October 11, and we cannot wait. “Strung Out On The Pain” is the third single to be released by this Nashville band that will have you reaching back to dig out your old Poco and Pure Prairie League records.

The Down ‘n’ Outz – Another Man’s War

Joe Elliott, front man for Def Leppard, is a huge fan of Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople. When performing with his side-piece band The Down ‘n’ Outz, they will cover most of the Mott catalog along with selected really cool covers. Here, they are getting ready to release an album of original songs. “Another Man’s War is the second single to be released from their soon to be released record.

Mean Old World – North Mississippi Allstars (feat. Jason Isbell, Duane Betts)

The North Mississippi All Stars get a lot of play in the offices at Rock is the New Roll, and Jason Isbell and Duane Bett’s ramp up the coolness even more on this one. For extra credit check out the new album by the Allman Betts Band, Down to the River

Airbourne – Boneshaker

Much in the same way that the Van Fleet boys evoke Led Zeppelin, the band Airbourne is pure AC/DC. And, since Angus and company won’t be coming out with a record anytime soon, these rock & rollers are a pretty good substitute.

Devendra Barnhart – Taking a Page

The latest single from his forthcoming album, Ma, to be released on September 13th. The song, heavily inspired by Carole King, share a line and melody form “So Far Away.”

New Music Friday (August 2, 2019)

Yola – Shady Grove

The latest video from Yola’s debut record, Walk Through Fire.” A top 20 record for sure.

Starcrawler – Bet My Brains

Starcrawler, one of our favorite over the edge Rock Chick bands are back witba new single and video.

Trigger Hippy – Don’t Wanna Bring You Down

In 2014 Trigger Hippy, a supergroup consisting of Nashville session musicians released a self-titled album that was one of the best of the year. Here they pop up out of nowhere with a scorching new single.

Midland – Cheatin’ Songs

Normally, we would cry fowl on a band that travels the 80’s Country landscape, but for Midland all bets are off. We are all in. Here is their latest Garth Meets George gem.

The Allman Betts Band – Shinin’

Formed by the sons of Gregg Allman and Dickie Betts the Southern Rock torch has Ben duly passed. Close your eyes and you will think it is 1975 all over again.

Demob Happy – Autoportrait

This Psych Rock trio turns up the burners on this one to deliver the headbanger of the week.

Moon City Masters – The Price You Pay

A strong 70’s filter on this one picture Blind Faith jamming on stage with The Allman Brothers and you will pretty much get the idea.

Goodbye June – Universal Mega Love

These guys already have the chops to Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons. A Rock band on the rise look for their new record Community Inn to come out in October.

Elles Bailey – Deeper

A vibrant Blues/Soul singer Elles Bailey could be the younger sister of Beth Hart.