New Music Friday: What We’re Listening To (September 6, 2019)

Greta Van Fleet – Always There

We have a bit of a love/hate relationship band with this band of brothers. While the music they make is stunningly good despite the obvious comparisons to Led Zeppelin, the narrative that they are the sole saviors of Rock and Roll is simply not true. This latest track from the Movie A Million Little Pieces shows a band maturing before our very ears.

Trigger Hippy – Strung Out On The Pain

Yes folks, the rumors are true. Trigger Hippy has a new record coming out, the drop date is October 11, and we cannot wait. “Strung Out On The Pain” is the third single to be released by this Nashville band that will have you reaching back to dig out your old Poco and Pure Prairie League records.

The Down ‘n’ Outz – Another Man’s War

Joe Elliott, front man for Def Leppard, is a huge fan of Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople. When performing with his side-piece band The Down ‘n’ Outz, they will cover most of the Mott catalog along with selected really cool covers. Here, they are getting ready to release an album of original songs. “Another Man’s War is the second single to be released from their soon to be released record.

Mean Old World – North Mississippi Allstars (feat. Jason Isbell, Duane Betts)

The North Mississippi All Stars get a lot of play in the offices at Rock is the New Roll, and Jason Isbell and Duane Bett’s ramp up the coolness even more on this one. For extra credit check out the new album by the Allman Betts Band, Down to the River

Airbourne – Boneshaker

Much in the same way that the Van Fleet boys evoke Led Zeppelin, the band Airbourne is pure AC/DC. And, since Angus and company won’t be coming out with a record anytime soon, these rock & rollers are a pretty good substitute.

Devendra Barnhart – Taking a Page

The latest single from his forthcoming album, Ma, to be released on September 13th. The song, heavily inspired by Carole King, share a line and melody form “So Far Away.”

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